Noob designing first pcb

Designing my first PCB. I want to create a POE board like the Olimex board. It calls for capacitors with the requirements. CDET, 100nF, 100v, 10%, X7R. Not sure which part number I need. Another needs CBULK, 100uF, 63v, 20% Low_ESR, RM5. I don’t know the difference between a CDET and CBULK. Thanks for letting a noob try his hand a this.

CDET is Ceramic type Capacitors, Click here for Examples

CBULK would be Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Click here for options

A good POE adapter PCB is tricky to layout and get the EMI levels and heat transfer acceptable. (especially true if this is a commercial product subject to EMI and safety regulations)

I strongly recommend you choose a different device type to design for your first PCB layout experience. Preferably something without major EMI and thermal design considerations.

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Thanks that was helpful. Could you also help on the definition on the resisters with the marking RDET, Rclass and Rmps. Thanks again.

Those are all terms related to the specifications for POE. You will need to read up on them to understand their significance.

As @PaulHutch alludes to above, it seems you are diving into the deep end of the pool, if this is your first board.

Kindly see here for Resistors and Resistor Networks, Arrays