Obtaining Environmental Compliance Documents from Digi-Key

A very frequent set of questions we get here at Digi-Key is requests for various different forms of product regulatory documentation - RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, MDS, and other common industry documentation dealing with environmental and product regulations. Sometimes these documents are easy to find, but often they need to be requested from the original manufacturer. We have a team dedicated to finding these documents for you, and you can skip the middleman and send requests straight to them using our Environmental Information Request Form, located here:

Digi-Key Trade Environmental Information Request Form

Using this form is easy - simply list the part numbers you need documentation for and check which type of documentation you need. You can make multiple selections, so that all your documentation requirements are handled with a single request. Documentation can be requested using either the manufacturer’s part number or our Digi-Key part number.

As an example, let’s say we’re a compliance specialist looking for RoHS, REACH, and MDS documentation for Microchip’s ATMEGA328-MUR microcontroller and Molex’s 0545480833 FFC connector to satisfy compliance requirements for our company’s new talking football project. We go and open up the Environmental Information Request form linked to above, and we input our information like so:

Hit Submit, and voila! Our request is entered, and all that’s left is to wait for Digi-Key’s environmental team to acquire our requested documents and send them along to the e-mail we listed. Large requests for dozens or hundreds of documents will require additional processing time, but rest assured that your request will be completed and sent to your inbox as documents are gathered or received from our manufactures. Questions may be directed to our Environmental team at Environmental@digikey.com.