I am building alongside some ideas found online. Outside of that idea, I am reaching out to figure out exactly how to add in some uSD functionality for the OSD335x-512M-BAS made by Octavo Systems.

I only have one chip. So, I am being extremely cautious w/ it so far, i.e. as the build times for future chips are not understood on my level.


  1. Can I just use uSD Cards instead of having to have a eMMC on the board in question?
  2. If I can use a uSD Card, does digikey offer any tutorials on such a build adjustment?


P.S. I found the Octavo Systems forums. So, I first went there to discuss things. I am just waiting for future development to take place. So, no rush if you or any of you are too busy as of now. I will be reading the materials available and trying to see how I can make some connections to the chip in question.

Add a few reisstors and a usb header, and you just re-created the PocketBeagle:


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