Panda-Board - kernel source


Hi all,
I traced the and typed the following command

git clone /home/dws/PandaPro/kernels/linux-src
cd /home/dws/PandaPro/kernels/linux-src
git fetch
cd ..
git clone --shared ./linux-src ./KERNEL

git config --local --list | grep gc.autodetach
git config --local gc.autodetach 0
git config --local --list | grep
git config --local lim

/usr/bin/git am --abort
fatal: Resolve operation not in progress, we are not resuming.

Can someone help please? Does that mean the local directory (repo) is not reset? and can not move on applying patches? Thanks for your helps in advance.

Best regards

fatal: Resolve operation not in progress, we are not resuming.


From git status. I see

  • git status
    On branch master
    Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/master’.
    nothing to commit, working tree clean

What does the error message? despite “git status” show that the working tree is clean


Further investigation found that, it was my ignorance.
The scripts is

${git_bin} am --abort" || ${git_bin} tree is clean…

of which the first command exited with 0, while the second comand exited with 1.

Somehow, the author brilliantly wanted to make sure the branch is clean.


Hi Siowlim,

What repo and branch of our scripts are you using? and what rootfs are you building with?



I cloned from

It was still at very beginning, has not reach the rootfs selection yet.

Thanks for respond.



Hi Lim,

Okay, thought you were just running one of my scripts as-is…

You don’t need to trace it line for line, much of it has been developed over the years based on different bugs or conditions end user’s placed on the script. A lot of the script assumes the worst possible conditions.



Hi Ribert,
Many thanks for taking time responding to my questions.
You are absolutely right. Just being new to preparing kernel on my own, i
need to put my hands on , experience the how and what from scratch. Without
so, i simply not knowing it.

I have some other questions regarding what/why patches for what board. I
will create a new topic in that later.
Thank you,