Pipe permissions

Hi Robert,
In my .c file, I create a pipe:
int ret_val = mkfifo(cCmdPipeName, 0666);
But the pipe file mnu_cmd has readonly

I set umask in the ~/.bashrc
umask 011

It still as readonly for everyone and group
The program is started as a service (/etc/init.d/mnu_control)

How to create an pipe that is readable/writable for everyone?

Thank You,


Just a quick thought, before i try a quick c application: Change: 0666 -> 0766, that way the user/application has full access.


Hi Robert,

I made two changes:

  1. called chmod after mkfifo
    ret_val = mkfifo(cCmdPipeName, 0666);
    ret_val = chmod(cCmdPipeName, 0666);
# Default-Start:     3 5

Best Regards,