Polystyrene capacitors

im trying to buy some polystyrene capacitors
i need 390pF/0.001uF/60pF/0.01uF/4.7pF

need also 50-300uH adjustable coil

1N34A diode

what is the minimum component purchase and minimum order?

Welcome to the TechForum richard.phillips3
Click here for the available options
We do not have a 4.7pf or a 60pf.
We do not have a match to the 50-300uH adjustable coil.
Click here for the 1N34A diode. This is an obsolete part, but one of our MarketPlace vendors have it.

For the items we carry in stock, it will usually be a minimum of 1 piece.
Looks like the minimum for the MarketPlace 1N34A is 25 pieces.
Technical Reference Number is T4276418