Precision Knives vs X-acto Knives

A question Digi-key gets is if we carry X-acto Knives. Really, an X-acto knife is a precision knife made by X-acto the company. Below is what most people picture when looking for a precision knife.


Everyone over the years have branded all these knives as X-acto knives when in reality, many different companies make precision knives. We see this mistake with Scotch tape, Sharpie, and Band-aid. This is what creates confusion when the question is asked: “Does Digi-key carry X-acto knives”. Yes, we carry precision knives that are similar to X-acto products, but no we do not carry X-acto as a supplier so we will not have their specific products.

The precision knives we do supply can be found in our Knives, Cutting Tools category. The picture above is an Apex Tool Group precision knife XN100. Along with different brands of precision knives we also provide different blades and replacements found if you scroll to the bottom of the product pages.


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