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Hello im trying to find a GPS beacon device similar to an apple air tag but not a proprietary one like that. It needs to be very small around the weight of 5-10g, and about the diameter of a silver dollar or smaller. I need it to act as a beacon sending gps information that can be pick up by another device preferably by a smart phone that can interpret that data and display it in an app. The beacon would be attatched to an object that would be in motion but at most would be 500ft away or less.

We have a few finished units you can take a look at and here is a raspberry pi option,


Thanks for getting back to me, with the rasberry pi option does it need an antenna to work and also I forgot to mention they need to be real time in transmitting the data not were they have to be connected after capturing the information and again they have to weigh between 5-10g and be equal to or less than the size of a silver dollar

Hello: The GPS module uses NMEA0183 communication protocol, integrated ultra-small SMA antenna
connector. Take a look at the datasheet for more information

FYI - Apple AirTags are Bluetooth not GPS, that’s why they are tiny and use little power. The GPS location is determined by an Apple device that reads the AirTag. Then the Apple device uploads the location info to the Find My network.

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Got it, with the Bluetooth what is the range on that? What I’m looking for doesn’t have to be just gps I guess if there is a better device that can track all the types of movement and transmit the data in real time while also being able to operate on very low power and have a range up to 500ft

I have no practical experience with these types of devices.

AFAIK, AirTag/Tile devices use top of the line Bluetooth technology to get about 100 feet under ideal conditions, practical range can sometimes be half that.

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