Proximity Probes


I am looking for proximity probes for oil lubricated bearing application. 2 proximity probes will be installed on upper pedestal casing 45 degrees apart vertically to measure the vibrations.

One proximity probe will probably installed inside the bearing chamber where oil will be splashing (to measure the axial movement of the thrust collar).

Which proximity probe is protected/sealed to be used in oil submerged application?

What accessories do I need to buy? Do I need to buy the extension cable? If I buy a proximity probe with 9m long cable, do I still need an extension cable?

There will be a total of 7 or 8 proximity probes in turbine. Do I need to buy a driver for each proximity probe? Or do you have a channel box of 8?

What is the best solution? Could you please give me some advice?

I sent these questions to Digikey but they told me to ask these questions in this forum. I would appreciate if anyone could provide some guidance in terms of choosing a correct proximity probe for oil lubricated applications.

Thank you.

There are many specifications not given to choose a system, but below is a good start of what we carry.

proximity sensor list below to review

Programmable logic controller or plc list below to review