Question about product inventory

Your PN: 2942108 says Qty.3 are back ordered when I add qty.4 to my cart but it also shows you have 120 in stock? Please advise.



Looking at the site currently it shows that the manufacturer has 117units. It looks like when you placed an order it backordered the 3 from manufacturer’s stock and ordered the 1 from our stock.
2942108 Phoenix Contact | Relays | DigiKey

Ok, how do I order the remaining 3?

If you order qty 4, you should eventually receive qty 4. There may be some question as to when and in how many separate shipments, but there is no need to place a separate order.

The confusion point here would seem to be what is meant by “factory stock.” Those figures represent material that is -not- on the shelf and ready to ship from DK, but indicated as existing at the manufacturer’s warehouse. The significance being that product in stock at the factory usually takes less time to procure than product which has yet to be manufactured.

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