RE: All the Confusion

Hello @RobertCNelson,

I just wanted to apologize now instead of waiting until eternity ends. Anyway, I want to say this, you helped me when no one else would and I have come to the conclusion of this idea…

fdisk should be studied before asking questions about it. I am on a book now and I finally made it to the fdisk section of the book. I immediately thought of one very elongated conversation about some board and Linux.

Anyway, my bad, sir. I will try to read up on things before asking repetitious questions over and over.


P.S. Thank you anyway. I am finally glad I got the section of fdisk in case I need it one day. Boy! Sorry. Sir!

It’s really sad, as today fdisk, cfdisk, and sfdisk are now part of the util-linux project/repo. So at-least today they all are based on libfdisk… But before that, it was a mess, no api, no compatibility, all different… For something to make disk partitions you’d think it would be ‘sane’ or similar… PS, GNU fdisk isn’t even compatible with util-linux fdisk, which makes things even worse…


Hello Again,

@RobertCNelson the idea of this book is nice but you are right about something. It is a dated book. So, I will have to update the text soon. Although it is the Fourth Edition, it was published in 2015.

So, I am sure I will come across a lot that has changed. Hopefully, less than more.