Rejected, one layer

I had an order with 3 boards rejected for this. All 3 have pads on the back layer and two also have a trace or two. They sent the rejection and in 5 minutes cancelled the order, not giving me a chance to respond before they did that. Can someone from DK intervene?

Hello DigiKey?


Per the PCB FAQ, inclusion of 2 copper layers minimum is needed for a successful upload. Inclusion of only one copper file or a copper layer file that is empty (as the title of your post suggests) may result in automated rejection of an order.

Maybe the simplest way to make this work is to put at copper-fill GND on the back as a 2nd layer? It should go around your pads and traces. For me with eagle/fusion360, I trace a polygon carefully around the board, tell it GND, and hit the rats-nest button. Of course, tutorials abound…
Good luck

Thanks for the response. There was a back copper layer in each ZIP file and had, at the least, pads for the holes to plate through properly.

If you’re confident that your file set meets the guidelines in the FAQ, I’d ask that you private message a copy to @erik_brateng for evaluation and referral to the appropriate development group.

PM function can be accessed by clicking a user’s avatar and selecting the “message” button.


Good idea and thanks for sharing. I used KiCAD and I believe there is a copper pour function in there.

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Thanks very much Rick!

To follow up I found out the issue. I had indeed not put the top copper layer in the ZIP file on one of the 3 boards.

Still a problem in that all the message I got was cancelled. Well, they invoiced me and shipped the other two after I went somewhere else and ordered them!


Hello Randy,
sorry for issues and problems with your order. It is great advice to only work on one board at a time.