Replacement for a P75NF75& MOSFET

I am looking for a suitable replacement for a ST Microsystems MOSFET P75NF75&. I assume that an STP75NF75 would do the same job on a motor control board? Can anyone confirm this?

If you look at page 1 of the datasheet in the order codes section. It shows that P75NF75 is the part marking of both STP75NF75 and STP75NF75FP. image
Looking at your photo, I can see that you have the TO-220-3 package and not the TO-220-3 Full Pack. Therefore you’ll need to order STP75NF75, which is Digikey part number 497-2788-5-ND.

If you have any further question you’re technical reference number for this inquiry is T4114408.
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