Replacement screen for C.A. 1954

I’m looking for a 2.8" replacement screen for Thermal Camera Diacam2 C.A 1954 by Chauvin Arnous.
The writing on the back of the screen says:
U.R.T. 7168758003
U.R.T. No.160302-0009

Please help.


printf, I am sorry we do not stock that display.

Ok, thank you. I thought it might be a long shot.


From what I’ve found online, UMOH-8944MD-1T is the actual product code, and it was sourced by sourced by Chauvin Arnoux through another manufacturer. I haven’t found an after-market source for the monitor, and it may have been manufactured solely for this device or similar items. In other words, it may not be an off-the-shelf item available to the public.

Check with Chauvin Arnoux to see if they offer repair services, and also look into your warranty details. [click here ].

We have various thermal imaging devices and cameras to offer, as well, if you need a complete replacement: [click here ].