RN171-I/RM vs ESP8266EX Web Sockets

Good day.

We are working on a IoT project. Our objective is to make our own board for some tools that we are developing. Right now we are selecting what WiFi module best suite our needs. One part of the team suggest to use Web Sockets but apparently the RN171-I/RM doesn´t support this or there is not available libraries for that. There is libraries for web Sockets for these modules.

Other option is to send JSON files to an API and not to create a web socket connection. Maybe just to send the JSON as a PATCH and process on the api. This will be a simpler solution?

What are the better solutions right now for this kind of IoT approach?

@Hugo1456, For something like this, I’d really stick with an ESP8266 or ESP32. As they have much better library support, as it was mostly reverse engineered and written by the community at large.

Looking at the RN171’s User Guide: Section 2.3.4 Sending Data, they do reference a little bit how to do Socket Communication…

Follup: here is a pretty good library for the RN171: https://github.com/Seeed-Studio/WiFi_Shield