RoHS3 and Digi-Key

On July 22, 2019 the amendment to the European RoHS Directive adding 4 additional substances (phthalates), commonly referred to as RoHS3, took effect.

Digi-Key made the following changes to ensure our compliance with the regulation and in passing on accurate information to our customers:

  • Parts that are listed as RoHS Compliant in our system are compliant to RoHS3 based on information from our suppliers.
  • Digi-Key removed the RoHS statuses for parts that we have not yet received confirmation from our suppliers that their parts are compliant to the updated directive.

    We are continuing to work with our suppliers to obtain updated compliance information during this transition period.

For the most up to date information on on RoHS and other Enviromental Initiatives please check out out Enviromental Initiative page.

Any RoHS or Enviromental Initiative specific questions can be sent to

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