Seeking 4-Pin Connector for Korg C-303 Pedal-Keyboard Signal

Dear Community,
I am seeking a 4-Pin connector for my Korg C-303 Electric-Piano Pedal-to-Keyboard cord. The original was lost in a move.
Option A: Find an original cable. Korg does not make these anymore.
Option B: Find a suitable substitute. The Pedal output is a .5 inch 4-pin male and the keyboard input is a .5 inch 4-pin female. See pictures:

Option C: I did find a .5 inch 4-pin male-to-male cord which plugs into the keyboard but not the pedal. A .5 inch 4-pin male-female adapter could work. Please see picture of cord:

Any help the community can provide would be much appreciated.


Would these have any markings on them?
Would you be able to measure the distance from one pin to the next center to center?

The black 4 pin connector might be these,





Look through these options for a possible option for the 4 position male pin header.

The pins are 2.5mm apart and the matching header from your list is S4B-EH(LF)(SN) by JST, Digikey Part# 455-1627-ND. If you can point out a female connector for that which I can wire to the cord I’ve got I’d be all set. Thank-you.

Once you’ve identified a P/N for a header such as this, the first thing to check when looking for a mating connector is whether or not there are any listed in the Mating Products section of its product page. It’s down the page a bit, and can be easy to overlook.

Didn’t see that, thanks. Thanks to everyone who helped me find what I needed. With your help I was able to place an order which should solve my problem. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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