Selecting Raspberry Pi Zero W and accessories

Raspberry Pi Zero is a low cost and slimmed down version of the Raspberry Pi.
When looking for Raspberry Pi Zero with a Header and Preloaded NOOBS SDCard, it can be frustrating trying to select the right part in your application. Which part numbers are suitable?

You can consider the Raspberry Pi Zero W boards we carry, which already have the header soldered in

  1. Part number: 1910-1000-ND
    This comes with an all-black header.

  2. Part number:1910-1103-ND
    This one comes with a pre-soldered mulitcolored header.

Or the header solely, either part number 1568-1675-ND (black header) or 1778-1139-ND (color-coded header)

The Preloaded NOOBS SDCard is 1690-1002-ND.