SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

XNM1US915 : Raspberry Pi - US915
Optional External Antennas


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ShipDate: @Travis_Foss
Hello Everyone, We are currently working with Seeed for a ship date to us. The most current information we have is that part 1597-110991636-ND will be the first shipment that will arrive. We did have a very limited amount of part 1597-110991635-ND that was going to shipped with the first shipment, however we have already sold through that stock.

First Approximate Shipment Date: 2021.09.14

Questions on Credit Card:

When will I or my business be charged?
The timing of when you’ll be charged is dependent on your selected payment method:

  • Credit card or PayPal: You will be charged once your order is shipped
  • Credit account: You will be charged based on the terms of your account.
  • Prepaid: You will be charged as soon as money is transferred and processed

Max Order

  • 3 units; our team is actively validating!

Q: Why is Digi-Key requesting my personal ID?

A: Digi-Key’s Accounts Receivable department may reach out and request a copy of a personal ID to verify a customer if other methods of confirming the customer are not sufficient per our guidelines. This information is then used in a PCI compliant manner and is not used in any other way other than for verification purposes.



Can’t wait!

If you sold out of the 635 stock will we have the option to upgrade to the shipment that will arrive sooner?

@BigFing right now 2021-08-18T17:01:00Z the initial 635’s are out, if you want one asap, switch your order to 636 as those are following the initial 635’s in shipment…


Thank you Robert. I received my order confirmation around 9:55 this morning for the 635’s. Did they sell out before then?

I don’t think they had at that point… That’s the same time my call with Seeed stared this morning where we were discussing the missing faq’s on the launch. :wink:


Thank you. I am in Iowa so will be quick shipping just toss my order a few orders above of they did. Show that Midwest love :wink:

I do not see lead time on this product. I am looking at the memo from this morning on this subject and they did not list one. You can sure check with Customer Service or Sales to see if the order shipped , or what the lead time would be. That would provide the most accurate information.

@Verna_1353 @Travis_Foss and I are still working with Seeed on that. Right now nothing “publicly” available…



Just to clarify:
So are you all expecting them to arrive on 8/23/21 as listed in the lead time?

If so, they will ship to us from MN within a couple days after 8/23/21?

Thanks! I’m stoked.

No, that date is wrong today, should be fixed in the next few days…


Thanks for the quick reply!

Do you think it will be changed to a far out date like October or just a few days difference or?

Just looking for an idea on the true lead time since I’m trying to acquire a few as quickly as I can without resorting to eBay. :slight_smile:


Hi! I notice the leadtime for the 635 is now listed as 9-30-21 and the 636 still shows 8-23-21. Does that mean the 636 is still available to order now for shipment next week? And is 9-30-21 fairly accurate?


Hi @dkfuel, my crystal ball thinks it’ll be closer to those. It’s Thursday night/Friday morning at Seeed right now, we are expecting a more concrete timeline in the next few days.


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Thanks for the quick reply! Just to clarify, if I order a 636 now, do you still have enough stock coming ~next week that my order would ship from that batch?

Thanks again,

Hi, @RobertCNelson any update about 636 shipment?


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the status, I hope new update will be posted on Monday. I understand it’s first come first serve. The reason I ordered 110991635 because that’s the lowest number. If the product 110991636 comes in first, then is it possible I can swap and pay the difference?


What is the difference between 110991635 & 110991636 besides the price? I can’t tell from the product page.

It’s the amount of RAM memory. XXX35 has 4Gb RAM whereas XXX36 has 8Gb RAM. That’s all I know from Robert’s post.


Did anyone elses orders get removed from their account.