SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

Did you order more then 3 units?


Hey Robert,

I didn’t realize the pre-order was already sold out. Is there any info on when the next batch comes/how can I refund the 35 for the 36?

Just call to cancel your ‘35’ order and place an order for the ‘36’…


Hi Robert, any estimate when will the first batch of seeed arrive? They sent already batch 4 on their store to the clients, was digikey in that batch?

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It doesn’t matter. I called in and Sales Rep told me XX35 and XX36 have the same 12 week lead time. I asked her to expedite and help me to speed up if possible. That’s she can do. It’s very to obtain any hotspot nowadays. Good luck!

Please disregard my initial post. It was an error on my cpu. It was not removed and to answer your question, i did not order more than 3 units.

I do have another question for you. The new lead times say 12 weeks, does that mean my order will now be 12 weeks instead of the original ship date? Please advise.

Thank you

I’m kinda bummed. I placed an order in the late morning of the day these were announced. I ordered the 36. I then called in and the nice lady told she shows plenty of stock coming in for the 35 so I had her cancel my 36 order and I placed one for the 35. My hunch is this was actually a horrible idea and that I’ve now lost a chance for the 36. Am I correct in my assumption?

I certainly don’t blame her - these hotspots are on fire!

At this point, don’t change the order! She wasn’t wrong, the problem, our system doesn’t show “when/what” Seeed is planning to ship first… At this point, all the Sept 14th first shipments have sold out, the very next shipment will include 635’s… It’ll be after Sept 14th, but not too long after… Once we get closer to the Sept 14th date, we will know more about the 2nd shipment delivery details, as the RPI’s have been fun to get to actually build this device…


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There is a possible way to check if my order is in the first batch ?

If you ordered a 636 before pre-order was disabled, you are in the “first shipment” today… If you ordered the 635, i don’t have access to that information. (first 50 unit shipment vs 2nd shipment)


I order 635 on 8/18/2021

Did you order it right when it was announced? Then you are probably in the first 50 otherwise, you’ll be in the 2nd shipment…


Yes same day, I make my order between 4 or 5pm.

Gilberto Irizarry

Hi @Gilbert so you ordered after i posted this forum post? SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway - #4 by RobertCNelson


Yes I just check and I receivd the confirmation email at 3:42pm. I just miss that batch :tired_face:.

Gilberto Irizarry

I just spoke with customer service at Digi-Key and they are saying all orders have a lead time of 12 weeks. It doesn’t matter when you ordered it or what batch you are in. Further they stated the info you are sharing is incorrect. This was verified by multiple people in customer service today including the manager Kae. Are they correct or are you Robert? Thanks!

Hi @mynameismike , customer service is not wrong, based on the information they can look up in our inventory system, which does state 12 weeks (2021-08-27T13:42:00Z). This is only information our system will show customer service, till the moment the parcel physically arrives in our warehouse.

Due to the demand, both SeeedStudio and the Digi-Key Product Manager team, have decided to share the first shipment schedule on SeeedStudio’s Discord channel (the pinned messages)… The First Shipment Schedule is stated as:

The first shipment of 1000 pcs of part 1597-110991636-ND and 50 pcs of part 1597-110991635-ND will be shipping from Digi-Key on approximately September 14th.

Both of these have long sold out, so any future orders are either in the second shipment, or the dreaded “12 weeks”… As we get closer to the September 14th date, SeeedStudio is planning to share more information on the second shipment schedule.

Please either login into the SeeedStudio Discord channel or watch this thread, as we update shipment schedules as approved by our team. :wink:


Thank you! You mentioned if we ordered when it was announced for the 50 pcs 1597-110991635-ND we would be in the Sep 14 shipment. When was this announced? Trying to figure out if I’m in this batch.

Very Very early morning on August 18th…


You will need to check with the Digi-Key Customer service to see where you are in line.