SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

Hello Robert, is 9:21 AM (CDT) on 8/18 early enough to be in the first 50 pcs? :grimacing: :crossed_fingers:

Hi there
I order SenseCap on September 8 and it’s on back order. Any news when will get shipped

Customer number 13977574



If you contact our Sales Department, at 1-800-344-4539, you can give them the Digi-Key part number you ordered, and they can check the Lead-time for delivery. You can also give them the SalesOrder number, and it may help them also.

You’ll probably be in the “next” shipment, we are hoping it’ll be by the end of this month… As long as Seeed can get Raspberry Pi’s to physically make the devices…


Thank you kindly


I would like to order and see you randomly add stock and tell no one, people are ordering everyday
Will there be a next stock

Sorry @user3 as soon as we have stock they go out the door. It’s best to join and follow Seeed’s discord channel: Official SenseCAP MX Community