Siglent SDS1102 cml+ and SDS1202X_E oscilloscope

I apologize if this isn’t the correct web site but was directed here by siglent!

I have both of these scopes and use them for design and circuit testing. I own a Micsig DP10013 High Voltage Differential Probe 1300V 100MHz 3.5ns Rise Time 50X/500X and would like to test the output of my APC UPS. I was wondering if both of these scopes are capable of handling the voltage as I can’t find it in the specs on siglents web sites. TIA

Siglent SDS1102 cml+

SDS1202X_E oscilloscope


One of the common functions of a 'scope probe is to attenuate the measured signal prior before presenting it to the following test equipment. Your differential probe appears to have a 500:1 attenuation option, which would reduce a 1.3kV signal to <3V, a value well within range of most oscilloscopes on the market.

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Thank you. Now all I need is to find/make an adapter to fit the differentiasl probe that will fit the socket. The supplied probes are to short and wide. I thought of getting a regular lamp cord but seems to risky. Want something that actually fits and safe.