Silicon Labs CP2102 Re-Flash

How to Re-Flash Silicon Labs CP2102-GRM for Com Port
I have downloaded the Silicon Labs software, what’s next

Hello user172 - welcome to the Forum.

I have forwarded your question to my Silicon Labs Product Specialist. I will post his reply as soon as I receive it.

Hello user172 - just an update for you. My Product Specialist has contacted Silicon Labs for assistance on your question and will get back to you as soon as we have their reply.

Hello user172 - This reply with questions for you have come from Silicon Labs:
Per supplier:

To understand more about your question, please provide us some information as below:

  • About the hardware:
    • What is your hardware device? Is this from Silicon Labs or your own hardware?
    • What is this VID/PID information?
  • About the software:
    • What is this driver? which version?
    • Where do you get it?
  • In addition:
    • Could you please let us know what do you means with “Re-Flash Silicon Labs CP2102-GRM”?
    • What is your device displayed name at current time?
    • Could you please access to your Device Manager then share to us some of your device information capture?