SIM7600 Antenna for Rural Areas

Hi, I use SIM7600 cellular modem (Digi-Key Part Number 3781-SIM7600GR2-ND)
in rural areas where the signal strength is very weak. I struggle a lot to make a network connection.

I currently use this antenna with SIM7600:

Can you please suggest a better omnidirectional antenna that I could use to improve the performance of SIM7600 modem in rural areas with weak signal?

Hello @cobalt,
I searched our website and we have a number of similar style cellular antennas but none that I found have higher gain than the Waveshare antenna you are currently using. I am not finding anything with better performance.

Thanks. I doubt the waveshare antenna has such a high gain. Seems to be misleading to me. Can you send links to some similar omnidirectional antenna with High Gain you found?

Hello @cobalt,
The highest gain antenna I found in stock is . The search result list of similar antennas in stock is .