SIM7600G-H-M2 R2 module isn't working

Hello all,

I bought a SIM7600G-H-M2 R2 (PCIE form factor) instead of a SIM7600G (SMT module) so I had to desolder the SMT module to assemble it in my board.
The module requires a 3.8V and a low pulse on the PWRKEY pin to turn on the module, but after checking the STATUS pin I get 0V (High level: Power on and firmware ready, Low level: Power off)
which means the module or firmware isn’t starting … I also checked the VDD_1V8 pin (a power output pin) and I got 1.8V for about 60 seconds and then it turned off!

This is weird behavior, I contacted the manufacturer about it and they couldn’t provide support because I didn’t buy it from an official distributor!

Do you have any idea what’s wrong with the module or where is this problem?



This signals trouble in two ways: first, the process of removing and reinstalling the module implies several thermal cycles to reflow temperatures. Combined with those that the module was exposed to when initially assembled, this likely exceeds the number of reflow cycles that the item is warranted to tolerate.

More significantly, it suggests that you’re using an unproven board/hardware. It’s not a trivial device, and the possibility of an error in implementation seems high. Without documentation on the device or your design however, it’s difficult to offer any more specific guidance.

Assuming that you purchased the product from DigiKey, the “not an official supplier” line is likely a cheap (and false) excuse for not wanting to provide support for other reasons. Do you have an email or other record of communication from the manufacturer indicating that DigiKey is not an authorized distributor for the product? If so, I’d like to get a copy to share with our product manager for that supplier.

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Thanks rick for the answer,

I actually assembled 2 of my boards with the same process (desoldering the module from the miniPCIE card and solder it back to my board) and i got the same problem so i thought i might have damaged the module during desoldering! So, I soldered some wires to the SMT module on the miniPCIE (provided a 3.8V, a GND, and a wire to PWRKEY pin to give it a pulse) but unfortunately, the same problem happened, the status pin is 0V but the VDD_1V8 pin turns on for 30-60 seconds and then turns off. So in total 3 out of maybe 7 pieces i bought had the same problem.
At first, i suspected the miniPCIE card module might have different firmware than the one in the SMT module but the manufacturer ensures there is no difference in firmware.

Yes, I bought the product from DK. and to be fair i didn’t mention that in my emails to the manufacturer but still they told me and I quote:

You must purchase the module from our official distributors to receive our assistance; otherwise, you can contact the dealer from whom you bought our module for support.

I have sent them another email yesterday with more details and I am waiting for their response.

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