SmartFusion2 Bootloading

Trying to bootload the fpga fabric and the arm code (envm) on the SF2-Starter_kit via the serial port.
According to the application notes ( AC372, AC363) and the “SmartFusion_Release_Built_Tutorial.pdf” it’s necessary to partition the envm with the bootloader, IAP, and the user application.

The application notes links to two reference design downloads (AC372 and AC363), however the links appear to be dead. I tried searching MicroSemi, but can’t find them anywhere, anybody have a link to these? In particular it contains a ‘Linker Script Generator Tool’.

Also, do I understand correctly that in order for the SF2 to boot without any external memory, it’s necessary to configure the linker script to boot from 256KB envm. The bootloader also must reside in envm but will run out of 64KB esram in order to do in-system-programming of the envm/fabric. However, when not bootloading, is there any advantage of configuring the linker script to copy the application code from envm to esram? Can the arm be debugged with breakpoints if executing out of envm? (The sample digikey file only uses “debug-in-microsemi-smartfusion2-esram.ld” )

@logic_time, do you have an account with Microsemi, those downloads appear to be locked behind signed-in accounts:


Thanks, having issues logging in but got the files.