SPEC Sensor Analog Sensor Development Kit


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One more thing, there is #include Arduino.h in the example programs.
Should that have to do something with it?

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i have DGS_RESPIRR_968-041 sensor but i really don’t understand. What kind of gas that could be detect by this sensor because there are some gas causes respiratory irritants ? And can you tell me what is the meaning of NO2 equivalent in the measurement range on the datasheet ?

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that there is no information about this anywhere?


HI ariefabdrrchman,

This particular Nitrogen Dioxide sensor, DGS_RESPIRR_968-041 experiences something called ‘cross sensitivity’. That means gasses like Hydrogen Sulfide, Ozone, Chlorine and Ethanol will trigger a signal.

Further information on this can be found at the below link:

Click here for Application Note AN-105 “Spec Sensor Selectivity and Cross-Sensitivity”


Hi, Kristof

Thank you, it’s help me a lot. Another question. If you say DGS_RESPIRR_968-041 is a particular Nitrogen Dioxide sensor, what is the difference between this DGS_RESPIRR_968-041 and DGS_NO2_968_043 ? Is it just measurement range or the cross sensitivity ?