Stencil order through Digi-Key

I’m wondering if Digi-Key will make prototype solder paste stencils in addition to their new PCB ordering. I looked at the price for a current board and it is attractive. But my current vendor (Sunstone) makes ordering stencils part of the ordering process. The one place shopping experience is why I come to Digi-Key for components, but being able to get PCB’s and stencils at the same time… Call me intrigued!

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Hi @Dutchman_Electronics and Welcome to the forum!

Currently the stencils we offer are individual component footprint specific, those can be seen here: Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Products | Solder Stencils, Templates | DigiKey

These could be helpful to those making breakout boards for single ICs, but I will definitely pass along the request for stencils for custom PCBs ordered through our PCB Configurator / DKRed service.


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Please do this! I’m switching from another vendor, but I’m really going to miss having a stencil. I’m still learning, and having the right amount of solder paste in the right place seems to be important!