Strange Circular Cable

I am looking for a way to extend the sensor cables of an infrared wireless faucet, but I am having trouble finding the connector. Enclosed is a picture. As seen by the picture, the connector is a 4 pin, but 2 of the pins are larger and farther apart from each other.

Thanks for any help,

Weird Connector 2 Weird Connector

Hello @josep01972

I was not able to id this connector from the picture. Are there any markings on the connector that might help to identify the manufacturer of the connector?


Hi @Robert_Fay,

I cannot make out any markings either. As far as I can tell the cable connector is in only used in certain wireless faucet sensor and control connections. The manufacturer of the faucet I have is “flow”. Enclosed is a picture as well. The manufacturer calls it “Sure Lock System”. I was hoping I could at least make a close enough cable but I am not able to find something that would allow me to have 2 different sizes of pins at different spacing. Maybe that requirement can narrow it down?



I was not able to identify the part. It is likely that they have this connector molded for them as do many of the “white goods” manufacturers.