Terminal block KE063150A00AG

Is the KE063150A00AG intended to mate with two separate connectors such as the KD033050000AG?

Also, does anybody know where to get Anytek CAD models? The download link on their website doesn’t seem to work

Hello Matt,
The KE063150A00AG is a 6 position Header. It will have two Rows of 3 . Yes you can use two of the KD033050000AG , which are only 3 positions. They will plug into that header. One for each row.

As for the CAD drawings, I believe you will have to Log in to get that information.
Here is the Link to the website for KD033050000AG

Here is the Link for the Header KE063150A00AG. To get the CAD drawing you will have to do the same.

I hope this helps,

Unfortunately, I have already created and account and tried that route. The download links on their website are broken, unless something has changed since yesterday

I will check with our Product Manager to see if he has heard of any issues with those links.

Please find the attached 3D model.

For your question, can KE063150A00AG mate with the 1 row 3 pos part KD033050000AG?

Yes, it can be, but it will need 2PCS of the KD to mate with KE. As you can see KE is double low, and KD is 1 row.KE063150A00AG (1).STP (1.5 MB)

Thanks, that’s one of the CAD files, now I just need the other. I just tried their website again, it still seems to not have working links