TI DS2003xx replacement

The parts from the series DS2003xx are old National Semi parts and are all obsolete.
DS2003xx were offered in 16-SOIC and 16-PDIP packages
TI is offering a replacement parts ULN2003Ax
However need to keep in mind the following differences between these 2 parts

  1. TI defines the replacement ULN2003Ax as "same functionality and PIN-OUT but NOT an exact 1:1 equivalent".
    There are some tech differences that should be reviewed in the data sheets of both parts:
    DS2003xx and ULN2003Ax
  2. The upper operating temperature of the p/n DS2003TM is up to 125 ℃ vs 105 ℃ in ULN2003AID which is an automotive version
  3. ULN2003xx have additional diode between the emitter and collector as per below drawing


The diode from emitter to collector in the ULN2003Ax is used as a parasitic structure, ensuring normal operation. The DS2003xx parts do not contain these parasitic diodes, which should not cause any issues unless you are forward biasing this diode with a reverse circuit.

Other vendors that Digi-Key carries like OnSemi, Diodes Inc, STMicroelectronics are also offering ULN2003xx as a replacement. All of them incorporate this additional diode between the emitter and collector.