Tracking down a current loop module / T4085533

Hey @DigiKey_Internal, I need your help on this because I’m not able to track anything down.

Customer writes:

Hello, I am looking for a current loop receiver/converter so that I can read a 4-20ma signal from a sensor over rs-485. I’d like a module at least. I’ve seen some din rail stuff but most of it is for moving serial over current loop, not for reading a sensor. Any suggestions?

Can the customer provide any other information?
2273-AMS1-2-ND I was looking at this part number.

I found this to start with, and there might be more out there. Possible the 1amp sensor could read down to the mA range. Data sheet does not tell me current resolution. These are non-stock, but at least a 1 piece minimum order:|525&quantity=&ColumnSort=0&page=1&pageSize=25

Hindsight made me think after reading Chris’ response. I suspect the customer is looking to read 4-20mA DC signal? You would have to use a hall device sensor to read DC with a loop. Not sure if we have anything off the shelf and ready to use. You might have to rig something up with a controller to get it to RS-484.

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These might work. Looks like they take in 4-20mA loop.