Transcribing manual motion into digital form

We have a requirement where we would like to transcribe a manual motion into digital form in order for a machine to carry it out. We would like to obtain coordinates in a 3D space and for a robot to replicate these movements.

The movement would be up to a maximum of 100mm in the x, y, z axes.

The movement would NOT be very fast or a very high frequency oscillation. Maximum is 3 oscillation s over 50mm per second

I am not sure what kind of product would be suitable, possibly an IMU, LVDT, accelerometer, or something else?

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Most of the time movement needs to be recorded for robots it would be encoders for accuracy, if being physically tied to some linear/rotary encoders isn’t a problem. This would depend upon the range of motion/degrees of freedom needed.

Otherwise optical sensors and/or laser scanning.

If you take a look at a company Faro they have a ScanArm to get an idea. It would be rotary encoders in the arm to record the device’s position in space, but your needs would depend upon how your robot would move.

You described X,Y,Z axis, is there any rotation also or is this more of a cartesian robot like a 3D Printer/CNC?

Thanks for the advice, Kristof