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So what is the UL rating ? What is the point ? Can you believe its been around for over 100 years! It started with a 25 year old engineer named William Henry Merrill. Over time he helped develop tests and standards to make sure product was safe to use. Fire safety was what started the standard and now several avenues are also tested. The UL standard is for all types of equipment such as fire doors, smoke detectors , appliances , industrial controls , or even just batteries .

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The UL style category of wires are divided in to categories ( numbers ) based on varies factors. The styles are based on differences of temperature range , types of insulation jackets, voltage rating, amperage , single or multi conductor type wire , and where it can be used .

UL ratings ( style) will be able to tell you what kind of environment it will tolerate . The environment is tested on the inside and outside a component . For example internal wiring of a server could vary greatly versus wires outside of that same unit. This in turn means several styles could be used on one project if your require UL rated cables. The numbers (style ) are printed on the cable and you can verify what each ones mean at : https://w

Resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UL_(safety_organization)k

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To branch on this subject, I did cover some examples of wire markings, UL styles as well as where to track down UL files here:


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