Using Manufacturer Part Numbers in the Digi-Key Search

Recently I had a call from a customer asking why we do not allow manufacturer part numbers to be searched on the Digi-Key website. After getting the part number from him we realized the part number was good, however not a part number that Digi-Key stocked. I wanted to put this out here for a couple of reasons. First to make sure everyone knows that you can search the Digi-Key website using a Digi-Key part number, a Manufacturer part number or a part description. Any of these can be entered into the search box located at the top of any page on the Digi-Key site.

Another common issue we run across is once a customer has done one search and they go to do a second search if they use the results search box they are only searching the results on that page and not the entire site and it will limit the results.

Still not finding your part? We have some options for you. First we want to verify the part number is good and it is from a Manufacturer that Digi-Key carries. You can do this by checking the Digi-Key Manufacturer Linecard.


If the part number is valid and from one of our manufacturers we can look at getting a special order quote for you. Here is a post that explains that process.

If your part is not from one of Digi-Key’s manufacturer’s you can always speak with our Application’s Engineering team to see if we are able to cross the part for you. You can do this by posting here on the Forum in the Cross Reference category. For other methods of contacting the AE team click here.

All good info. If I could add anything to this discussion it would be when you are searching for a manufacturer’s part number sometimes less is more. For instance you’ve done your research and decide you want TI’s TPS62261DRVR but you search that term on Digi-Key and find out it is not a part we currently stock. If you were to drop the suffix and search TPS62261 you will find parts in stock in a different reel size. When searching for parts or even part substitutes you will find that dropping the suffix and just searching for the base part number will give you more results and maybe even help you find a part sub.

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