I have an RGB keyboard, after 1 year of use it has lost some LED functions and lights in 3 locations even when the PC is off. I removed the keyboard and found the LED driver IC at 3 bright lights with 3 identical ICs so I think the problem is in this ic. It has the name as below. I searched on Digikey also have ic called W2RG012RN but different from 645 H37, I don’t know how to read ic symbols, can people explain me this difference, and the ic on digikey doesn’t have linear pins but the above child keyboard I see have legs, right when soldering it will catch feet through the Main? If so, is this the Ic I need to buy? Thanks for everyone’s help.


W2RG012RN is the part number; the remainder of the characters in the marking are there for tracing date of manufacture and similar things.

The apparent “legs” on the photo image appear to be solder joints, not part of the IC itself.

Digi-Key P/N Z5616CT-ND would indeed appear to be a suitable replacement for the part in the photo. Please understand though that replacing such a device is not simple without appropriate tools and some practice, and may not solve the problem if the IC in question is not the true source of the problem.

I understand your help, I will try and find out where the cause comes from, thank you very much