What does the number in the icon on the website mean?

I want to buy XC6SLX25-2CSG324I
What does the number in the icon on the website mean?

Hello and welcome to the TechForum. As is printed under the photo on the webpage Image shown is a representation only not a photo of the part. XC6SLX25-2CSG324I is the part number any other information is available on the datasheet.


Chip markings in product photos mean nothing, and should be ignored.

For products such as ICs, passives, etc. where the only visible difference between many products is a marking, the same image is often used to represent many different products as a cost-saving measure. In the case of ICs, actual part markings may change routinely depending on factors such as production date, assembly location, and so forth.

For products such as connectors where physical form is a much more important factor for product identification, a greater degree of attention is given to ensuring that the product photos represent a specific item. This process is imperfect however, which is why the disclaimer below appears next to the product photos.