What exactly does the IoT studio capability offer?


Hello I spotted the Atmosphere IoT and just wondering what exactly does the IoT studio capability offer?
If I have a NXP processor with wireless Cat-M1 how do I use it?
While I respect making things simpler, I would hope for some transparency and a reasonable discussion of how it works.
Is the access protocol an MQTT or plain PUT or other.

I’ve got some IoT products, and I would hope a new offering would be easy to understand.

About the Digi-Key IOT Studio category

@neilh20 Digi-Key IoT Studio is based off the Atmosphere platform, which allows you to quickly create IoT projects and enable connectivity to devices currently supported in the platform.

Which NXP processor are you using?

The platform combines the development of the embedded firmware, mobile app interface and cloud connectivity. Your access is enabled thru which plugin’s you enable in the platform.

On the Device: BLE/WiFI/uart/etc…
In the App: WebIO/Cloud
In the Cloud section: AWS or other cloud providers

Here is the full list of plug-ins: