What is a suitable alternative for S8050LT1J3Y

I am looking for a suitable alternative for this npn S8050LT1J3Y
C2962087_三极管(BJT)_S8050LT1-J3Y_规格书_FH(风华)三极管(BJT)规格书 (1).PDF (119.5 KB)
, anyone can help?

Hello Chxuli,
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I am sorry to inform you I could not find a good cross for that transistor.

So, what could I do?

Could these two these components be suitable alternatives for this npn? And could you the implication of power dissipation?
1457707209234.pdf (404.3 KB)
2EB23ED2C820E6EDA7BD0AA9F6E62B00.pdf (402.3 KB)