What is Through Hole SKEDD mounting type?

SKEDD is a type of contact designed by Wurth Electronics. This is a form of Push in contacts, however due to the design they offer 4 points of contact with the PCB and are removable and reusable. Here are some images of the IDC version of the SKEDD contact and the contact points on your PCB Board.
Currently on Digi-Key you will find two different types of SKEDD connectors. Wurth has a series ofIDC ribbon cable connectors and Phoenix also has a line of Terminal block connectors that use the SKEDD technology.

For more information on the SKEDD contacts see the Wurth REDFIT Product Highlight. For more information on the new Phoenix terminal block connectors with SKEDD direct plug-in technology click here.

Scott R. also wrote a blog “Direct PCB Plug SKEDD Connectors