What to do when product does not meet specifications

Hello Digi-Key support team,
I’m new to this community so if I break any rules please know that it was not intentional - and please inform me gently, thanks :slight_smile:

The topic: I have received an order from Digi-Key for some components (LM4040-5, 5V voltage reference). When tested, they did not meet the datasheet specifications. I sent an email over 10 days ago (22-Jul), and a follow-up email, but there has been no response to date. So I was wondering what I can do about this.
Just FYI: the emails were sent to these two addresses:

Please advise. Thanks!

@FabDigiKey , welcome to Digi-Key TechForum.
Would you help to provide your Digi-Key invoice number for our reference?

Hi Barley,
I have just checked my emails and it seems I got a message from Digi-Key a couple of hours ago. I am now conversing with Connie (from Global Customer Support - Customer Service), who has advised that they are waiting for the Product Manager to respond.
Thanks for responding.