Where can i find epcos capacitor with this part number: B25655-A6227-A000

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Based on the information here, it appears to be an obsolete part.

That’s a very high capacitance value for that voltage rating. We don’t carry any film capacitors with that high a rating, and I didn’t see anything from Epcos/TDK on their website listing anything with such high values either.

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Hello @ferisailor9,

Recommend you contact technical support from manufacturers such as:

If unsuccessful, we could explore building a replacement using a series-parallel combination of capacitors with suitable equalization resistors. However, this option is undesirable when we consider the form, fit, and function within your equipment.

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thanks a lot to everyone. i appreciate you for answering me.about epcos capacitor that i was searching. it was for one of my customers which is a big company . i saw very similar capacitor on ebay with same serial and manufacturer in the customer’s request, i mean: epcos . but i idid not find the exact capacitor. because it was higher in voltage and capacity. i didn’t find something in the other companies with same power and capacity. and just said to my customer i couldn’t find it.

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