Xbox One Kinect Thermal Fuse Assembly

Hello, I would like to replace a Thermal Fuse in the Xbox One Kinect, but the part is unavailable fully assembled, so I want to order the parts individually and assemble it myself. I have previous crimping and soldering experience, but I’m a little confused about the Thermal Fuse. I’ve identified some of the parts below:

Digi-Key Part Number: 455-1165-ND
Manufacturer: JST Sales America Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number: PHR-2

Digi-Key Part Number: N/A
Manufacturer: SetFuse
Manufacturer Model: SetFuse X1 102°C Radial

I ordered 2 SetFuse X1 102°C Radial from a supplier, but I would like to order a similar Thermal Fuse, the Aupo A1-3A-F. The datasheets don’t mention the AWG number of the thermal fuses and they both mention that they shouldn’t be cut unless customized. Does that mean I can’t cut them and assemble them myself? What stripping and/or cutting tool is suggested? I’m also not sure which of the 3 contact parts I should buy: SPH-002T-P0.5S, SPH-002T-P0.5L or SPH-004T-P0.5S?

Manufacturer Part Number: PHR-2

We also have crimped wires listed under Associated Product on the housing page.

Any of the contacts will work for the housing you list above. the only difference is the wire AWG. Tooling for these connectors can get expensive so we also offer the crimped wires I listed above with the housing link

I did not find a stocking cross to the SetFuse X1 102°C Radial 3A
MTR1R105-ND is the closest but is non-stocking so has MOQ: 1000 and Lead Time: 11 weeks

Okay, thank you. Do you know what tool I should use to cut and strip the thermal fuse leads? I don’t think it’s plastic around the wires.

I don’t know what you would use to strip your thermal fuse leads. I am thinking you will need to know the AWG wire the leads are and us a stripper for that size.

There is nothing to strip, so I’d have to cut and solder them to a wire with the connector. Thanks!