110-406 Gas sensor range

Greetings. I am going to use the 110-406 gas sensors from Spec Sensors company for my application. According to the datasheet I found on this Digi-Key page https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/spec-sensors-llc/110-406/7689223 the range of this sensor is 0-5ppm. But at the same time the datasheet for 110-406 from manufacturer`s site (https://www.spec-sensors.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/3SP_O3_20-P-Package-110-406.pdf - direct link to manufacturer datasheet) has information about 0-20ppm range.
So I dont know what sensors are sold on Digi-Key, because according to the Digi-Key datashet these sensors are 0-5ppm but other source tells that they are 0-20ppm. Are they from different batches and sold on Digi-Key or it is just an outdated datasheet and all 110-406 sensors has 0-20ppm range?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Hellgate888

I have reached out to my product manager to take a look at this part. It appears that we have an older datasheet on our site than the manufacturer has. I will try to verify if this is a part change or if there is something else going on here.


Hello, @Robert_Fay !
Thanks for an answer, I look forward to hearing from you.