12v bare wire charging station

We receive a product that has an internal battery that needs to be charged before we ship it out. The product comes with a bare wire pig-tail of power and ground. Is there a charging station designed for quick bare wire connections that can charge many devices at once?

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Some battery chargers have alligator clamps, and some power supplies have a connector, that can be cut off. What type of battery are you charging, and what voltage? How many will be connected at one time? What charging amperage are you looking for? This information will help for searching for a possible solution.

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Li-Po battery

4.2V max

Capacity: 4000 mAh

Charging current per battery: 900mA

Ideally want to charge 20 batteries at a time.

I believe what you’re looking for would be described as a “gang charger.” I don’t see that we have anything of the sort listed, but a search surfaced one possible option here.

We do have a variety of screwless terminal blocks however, which might come in handy for building a connection panel for such things.

Thank you Rick. I’ll share this info with my engineers and go from there.

thanks again…