Can you please confirm the material and finish for each of the three components in this kit?


Hello @Dajohnson
Thank you for posting on the TechForum. I have reached out to our product manager with Phoenix Contact as I was not able to verify the material or finish from the datasheet. Once I hear back I will update this post.

Thank You

Hello Dajohnson,
Thank you for your inquiry. And welcome to the TechForum. I will forward your request and will post the reply as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer.
Technical Reference is T4234127

Hello @Dajohnson

Here is the feedback received from my contact at the MFG:

“I could not find very good information on this. The only thing I found in the BOM is that the part description for the washer ended with ZN (zinc), and the screw and bolt ended with NI (nickel). I’m assuming that is the plating but it does not say for sure.”

If you need more detail on the parts my contact suggested to have you email them directly at techservice@phoenixcon.com

Sorry I was not able to get any further information.