4849-CF9-07-04-DS-ND standard pack unit

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Is the standard pack for 4849-CF9-07-04-DS-ND one foot? And should this description “TPE 20C/18AWGCTRL CBL 1000 FEET” actually be “1000V” rather than “1000” ?

Thank you for your help. Not familiar with this product.


This part is sold by the foot. So I would say we buy this as 1000 feet. Though we do the cut down by the foot. I am not sure why we put that in the description. 1000 volts per the data sheet would not make sense as that is not the voltage listed. I would just say it is the standard pack size. I know we list it as 1 on the website. That is just due to we cut this down by the foot.

Thank you Verna ,
I do see now that Digi-Key’s detailed description advises “Enter Number of Feet in Order Quantity”. I’m glad though that I’m not the only one scratching my head at the “1000V Feet” description.

Description incorrectly lists 1000V, and product attribute voltage incorrectly lists 500V.
I will update this post when we find out.

Thanks Ryan,

That explains a lot.

I’ll watch for your update.

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Hi bmarasco ,

Our product info group has updated the product page for this part 4849-CF9-07-04-DS-ND.

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