490-GRT033D70J105ME13DTR-ND out of stock


Can you recommend a part substitution for: 490-GRT033D70J105ME13DTR-ND please?



Jerry Knickerbocker
Senior Characterization Engineer
ASIC North
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Hello Jerry!

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I was able to locate 490-16305-1-ND as a good alternate.

Here is a link: GRT033R60J105ME13D Murata Electronics | Capacitors | DigiKey

the temperature rating is different… any other suggestions in which all the specifications are the same?


I am sorry to say that we would not at this time for items that are in-stock.
The below link shows some other options that are similar to the original.

I was able to locate some options that have a higher rating than the first one I supplied, but it isn’t the same as what you have: https://www.digikey.com/short/p45wfnrw

ok, thanks for your effort here… Any idea when the GRT033D70J105ME13D capacitors will be stocked?

Unfortunately we do not have that information on the forum here. I believe you can request it from our sales team by emailing them at orders@digikey.com or by calling in. The number to call in is 1-800-344-4539.

Hi jerry.knickerbocker,

The GRT033D70J105ME13D is a non-stocking part for us, which means you can expect full lead-times on it, as none are on order. We are showing a standard lead-time for this product as 27 weeks, but in the current market, even that is going to be hard to guarantee.

The specs for that cap are pushing the limits of physics, as squeezing 1uF into an 0201 package with a 6.3V rating and X7T temperature characteristics is fairly bleeding edge. This makes such parts very hard to come by. From a “likelihood of getting parts to actually build something” standpoint, you might want to consider going with a larger package like the 0402, as this will be far easier to source.

We have a number of 0402 options currently in stock which otherwise meet or exceed your environmental/electrical specs; some of which are also AEC-Q200 rated as well. I realize that doubling the size of the capacitor may impose other problems, but choosing a part that can be more readily obtained might prove to be more prudent than waiting for a part that is fairly unique and very hard to come by.