87520-0012BLF Max. Power rating

Hi, I want to confirm the max. power rating of 87520-0012BLF with max. 3A current output. Thank you.


In conjunction with the nominal 5v supply stipulated by the USB2.0 spec, the 3A contact rating of that connector would imply a 15W power rating.

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Thanks for your answer, so if I drive 12V to 87520-0012BLF, it can have ~1.25A current output if power loss is neglected, right?

I suspect that you’re missing the deeper point here: the connector itself carries no “power” rating per-se, only a current rating.

The notion of a power rating for such a connector is implied by standards that govern its use. Devices made to plug into such a connector expect to see 5v. It’s imprudent to supply 12V to such a connector for the same reasons that it’s a bad idea to supply 480VAC to a NEMA 5-15R:

Because nearly every device around with a corresponding plug is designed for 120VAC (and will be damaged if 480 is applied) people generally don’t do that. The same Idea applies in regard to supplying a USB-A receptacle with 12VDC.