We ordered from you the part 926-1129-ND (A15959-04). This part come with 1 protection membrane on each side that needs to be removed so we can stick it to the PCB. 1 of membrane on 1 side was usually transparent and the other one was red. Now, the last 2 batch we received have a transparent membrane on each side (see picture)

Is it normal ? Do you think we can received the one with the red membrane ? Is is specified in the product ?

Our customer want the one with the red protection.

Thank you in advance


Karl-Erick Lacasse
Supply Chain Supervisor

(edit: removed phone number, as this is a public forum…)

Hello Karl-Erick. Welcome to the Forum. I am going to apologize as I am not seeing the attachment for the par you received. My I have you attach it again. I am sorry to make you do this over.

Thank you.